Lead generation is at the heart of business growth, and at APB Freelance, I specialise in crafting bespoke strategies that connect you with your ideal customers. My approach is centred around understanding your unique business needs and utilising data-driven techniques to create effective lead generation campaigns

Effective lead generation is more than just gathering a list of potential customers; it's about creating meaningful connections. I focus on identifying and engaging with your target audience through tailored campaigns. By harnessing the power of analytics and digital tools, I ensure that every lead generated is aligned with your business objectives, offering a higher chance of conversion and customer retention.

Quality is at the forefront of my approach. Rather than focusing on volume, my strategy is to attract leads that are most likely to convert into loyal customers. This approach not only maximises your ROI but also builds a solid foundation for sustainable business growth. My methodology involves thorough market research, customer profiling, and continuous performance monitoring to refine and optimise the lead generation process.

What makes my lead gen different?

My lead generation service stands out due to its personalised and consultative approach. I don't just deliver leads; I deliver a customised pathway to your business's growth. This is achieved by closely working with you to understand your brand's values, target market nuances, and long-term objectives. Combining this understanding with my expertise in digital marketing, I create a lead generation strategy that resonates with your audience and reflects your brand identity.

Strategies to keep your pipeline full

Your lead generation campaign is one of the main sources of your sales pipeline so it’s important to ensure that you’re getting great quality leads in great quantity.  To help my clients achieve this, I normally tap into a range of creative and technological tactics to help maximise the success of their campaigns.

Consolidated Identity
Knowing who your users are and what actions their performing in your lead campaigns helps to maximise the success of your lead generation.
Lead Triaging
To help maximise the quality your leads, I’ll setup a lead triaging system that allows us to work together in real time across multiple teams to understand lead quality.
Campaign Automation
Integrating your campaign with all of your other tools and tech can help to maximise the value of your customer interactions and increase the fidelity of your lead generation analysis.
360-degree personalisation
Personalisation can make or break your campaign.It’s still one of the most important aspects to a successful campaign so using top-tier personalisation technology is especially important.
Multivariate Testing
Running a/b tests allows you to understand which changes are having a positive impact on your lead campaign. Performing well structured tests to understand the best possible assets is a must.
Paid & Organic Content
Content forms the backbone of your digital lead generation campaign. Crafting bespoke lead generation campaigns for both paid and organic channels requires the best quality, hyper-focused content.

My lead generation process

Understand your goals

The first step in my lead generation process is to thoroughly understand your business goals. This involves a deep dive into your brand's objectives, target market, and what success looks like for you. By aligning the lead generation strategy with your overarching business goals, I ensure that the leads generated are not just numerous, but are the right fit for your business.

Market Research and Customer Profiling

The next step is conducting detailed market research and customer profiling. This involves analysing your target audience, understanding their preferences, pain points, and behaviours. The aim is to create a detailed profile of your ideal customer, which helps in tailoring the lead generation strategies to resonate with the right audience, increasing the likelihood of generating high-quality leads.

Campaign Development and Execution

Based on the insights gained from the first two steps, I then develop and execute targeted lead generation campaigns. These campaigns are designed to attract and engage your ideal customers through various channels, whether it be through social media, email marketing, content marketing, or digital advertising. The focus here is on creating compelling, relevant content and offers that appeal directly to the identified target audience.

Tracking and Analytics

After the campaigns are live, ongoing tracking and analytics are crucial. This step involves monitoring the performance of the campaigns, analysing key metrics such as conversion rates, lead quality, and ROI. This data is used to continuously refine and optimise the campaigns, ensuring they are effective and aligned with your business objectives

Feedback and Refinement

The final step involves gathering feedback and refining the process. This could be feedback from the leads themselves, sales team input, or insights gained from data analysis. The goal here is to learn from each campaign, making necessary adjustments to improve future lead generation efforts. This iterative process ensures that the lead generation strategy evolves and adapts to changing market conditions and business needs.


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